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We Bring You to the Next Level

At Gray Enterprises, we are committed to a life of leisure and work toward providing services to others with similar goals. Our award winning team, when actually working, provide support in a variety of ways.

Real Estate Sales

We're experts in real estate, owning two of the most elite properties in Colorado, Gray Acres and Gray Acres II.

Financial Advisory

Have the inside scoop on financial investments and retirement? No? Well, you're in luck, because we do!

Travel Plans

We've been around the country a few times, and we know everything about travel in the United States!

Sport Management

We also manage sports teams, and run operations for teams such as the Air Force Falcon's football team.

Why Choose Us

Why not? Just trust us that there are probably reasons we may be better than other companies.

Family Owned

Data shows, family owned business are the best out there, and this is no exception. Being family run really hands off the best service possible to our customers.

Great Service

We've won many awards for our outgoing, yet helpful customer service (family), and we continue to do so since we've started.


We have decades of experience in our field. Our President and CEO has had experience all over the place, including the army!

Track Record

You don't have to take our word for it, when others already have said how great we are. Check out our testimonials to see for yourself!

Our Team

A family owned and operated business, our team stands at the ready to meet your needs. Learn more about us below.

Lisa Deyo

Chief Marketing Officer

Lisa has had tons of experience in certification and marketing, and enjoys helping others in her field, which she's doing at Gray Enterprises.


Joseph Gray, Jr.

Chief Investments Officer

Working hard at Gray Enterprises, Joseph is currently the chief investments officer here, overseeing all financial transactions.


Lauren Hefner

Social Media Relations

Lauren currently oversees all operations on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks Gray Enterprises uses to interact with their customers.


Logan Deyo


Logan is currently the webmaster of the main Gray Enterprises site.


Joseph Gray, Sr.

President / CEO

Joseph overees everything here at Gray Enterprises, and has done so since it's founding!


Karen Edwards

Chief Operations Officer

Karen looks over all operations in and out of Gray Enterprises on a daily basis.


David Gray

Chief Development Officer

Companies have to evolve, and that's exactly what David does here, oversees all new development in the Gray Enterprise company.


Austin Gray


Austin is a skilled artist, and therefore completes all illustrations for the Gray Enterprise company.


Alex Gray

Public Relations

Alex is currently our head of the public relations department here at Gray Enterprises.




Feel free to contact us using the contact form, if you have any questions about our services. If you would like you can also email us at

Let's Socialize!

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